We deliver excellence
from design to deployment.

Montevideo Labs combines tech savvy expertise and industry-specific knowledge to develop diverse, quality oriented, custom solutions to unleash your data potential.

Big Data

We understand big data and how to make it work for you. Our experts bring solutions to challenges that arise around big data. We enable you to derive powerful insights from critical information that help you to better understand your customers, increase engagement, boost sales and facilitate data-driven decision making processes. Structured data is useful data, so managing huge volumes of data starts with designing and creating a Data Lake or modernizing your legacy DWH to fit current technological standards and scale, increase performance, and reduce costs.

With our exceptional experience in a wide range of technologies, we have the ability to pick out the one that will best suit your exact needs. The result is the creation of a market leading platform that has considered your needs at every turn. Among the technologies we deploy are Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce, HBase, Hive, and Presto.

Data Science

Whether you want to upgrade your range of capabilities, augment your team’s talent, or maximize your customer experience, we can help you unleash the power of data science.  

We craft the right model that boosts your KPIs.  Our in-depth knowledge and wealth of experience in complex problem solving and business transformation, deliver expert data consulting services to help you derive high value from raw datasets. By integrating state-of-the art and in-house research solutions, we are able to solve the most challenging of problems and build cutting-edge products.

From anomaly detection, exploratory data analysis, pattern recognition, product recommendation, to time series analysis and prediction making, we find the solution that works best for you and iterate on improvements that lead to an increase in ROI.

Software and Data Engineering

A quality-oriented data and software engineering development company, Montevideo Labs sets up and continuously maintains the highest standards of software engineering. Depending on unique project objectives, we suggest the most efficient source model, development methodology, and ramp up teams of experts with relevant experience. Our full-stack engineers are obsessed about the right data integration, architecture and quality. 

We build custom solutions from scratch, ensuring seamless integration with existing environments and systems, embracing best engineering practices such as agile iterative development, continuous integration, unit testing and high code coverage.

Solutions Architects

At Montevideo Labs, we deliver tailored services for start-ups, rising stars and mature companies, carefully identifying and understanding major challenges and priorities at every stage of the business lifecycle. We are experts in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions and specialized in constructing well-designed modular systems that are easy to maintain and scale.

We get to know our clients and enjoy building long-standing relationships. Our experienced analysts dive deep to completely understand your business, its context, requirements, limitations, and challenges, working together with you to identify your requirements and set the vision for future development. 

Our team then plans and executes systems that leverage data science and software engineering to achieve your key objectives and surpass your expectations. 

Machine Learning

We are experts in machine learning. We work with you to deploy the science behind machine learning to make it play a key role within your business, offering up data-driven insights and streamlining processes to help you acquire new customers, optimize products and pricing, and increase customer engagement.

Our leading software and data science consultants develop high quality products that tap into the potential of big data, helping you make better decisions, faster, and uncover high-value opportunities that add value to your business.

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