We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to give you the best experience.

We are customer obsessed, quality driven and value oriented. Our clients value our accessibility, that we are in the same time zone, and our flexible, friendly, approach.

What do we do at Indigo?

We develop powerful products to ingest data from thousands of devices placed in farms across the USA, clean and transform the data according to the business needs, and place it in a data warehouse, where DS teams extract the data to build and revolutionize their prediction models.

Our experienced team build awesome UIs that allow growers and agronomists to interact with Indigo in a seamless manner, creating an exceptional experience.

We connect with hundreds of providers, large and small, gaining access to multiple types of critical data that enables Indigo’s teams to concentrate on specific sectors from microbiology to grain pricing.


We love working with Montevideo Labs! We've had much success embedding Montevideo Lab engineers with our full-stack engineering teams for the last several years. Their engineers are smart, curious, good communicators and viewed as trusted partners on our teams.

Dan Smith

Director of Engineering, Indigo

What do we do at Roku?

Our collaboration with Roku spans over 10 years through dataxu. We have several specialist teams dedicated to solving complex data problems from building automated and auto-training machine learning models capable of making millions of decisions per second, predicting the outcome of a programmatic campaign through real-time simulation, estimating audience characteristics, to data streaming systems linking atemporal events real time.

Top engineers from Montevideo Labs collaborate with fellow world class engineers and data scientists from Roku, leading the teams behind several systems at the core of Roku DSP’s decisioning system.

To know more about some of the projects that we’ve collaborated on with Roku, see these conference presentations:

The Montevideo Labs team worked with us as a true partner to build market-leading big data technology at DataXu. As CEO, I counted on them as one of the most talented, reliable and easy to work with teams across the entire company.

Mike Baker

CEO DataXu (now acquired by Roku)